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A few References...
  Major highways and airport
structural sections (USA and Europe)

Proviacal® ST, Proviacal® RD,
Proviacal® SL

  Building high-speed train rail tracks (F, BNL) and modernising existing lines (BNL, CZ)
Proviacal® ST, Proviacal® RD

  Dry recycling
of trench spoil (F, BNL)

Proviacal® DS, Proviacal® RD

  Liquid recycling of trench spoil (D, CZ)
Proviacal® LS, Proviacal® RD

  Tunnel mortar (NL, F)
Proviacal® SP, Proviacal® H

  Dike consolidation (CZ)
Proviacal® ST

  On-site treatment of dry clay-like soils (USA, F)
Proviacal® SL40 et Porta-Batch®

  Improvement of marginal quarry products
Proviacal® DS, Proviacal® SL

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