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During the course of a civil engineering project, the need to meet deadlines, to adhere to stringent regulations, and to save costs may lead you to ask yourself questions like:

. How can I reuse soils from site excavations?
. How can I improve the performance of expansive soils?
. How can I treat soils in major metropolitan or environmentally
protected areas?
. How can I upgrade existing infrastructures (rail, road) while
minimising the impact on traffic?
. How can I improve the performance of tunnel mortars?
. How can I extend the service life of trenches?
. Do I need to stabilise embankments of dry soils and, if so, how?
. How can I improve working conditions on the site?

Lhoist Calci-action® is a complete solution combining:
the Proviacal® treatments best suited to your requirements
Lhoist technical expertise and engineering services:
. soil audit and analysis
. recommandations techniques
. technical recommendations
. comparison of available solutions
. advice on what equipment to choose and how to use it
. predictable mechanical performance
. foreseeable impact on the work's progress

access to References worldwide and to Lhoist's technical
Lhoist product and logistics services
. low and high-volume deliveries
. reliability of supply
. availability of a flexible delivery schedule
. real-time tracking and tracing of deliveries
. just-in-time site deliveries
. equipment for reagent storage and on-site production
. recommended qualified Proviacal® contractors

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